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American Veterinary Medical History Society 1999 Annual Meeting

WAHVM Congress, Torino 2004
Susan D. Jones, AVMHS Liaison and American Delegate

The 35th Annual Congress of the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine was held in Torino/Grugliasco, Italy, September 8-11, 2004. Dr Susan Jones and Dr Raffaele Roncalli attended the meeting on behalf of the AVMHS. Dr Roncalli was a keynote speaker and chaired a session, while Dr Jones was a speaker and chaired a session. There were many nations represented at this meeting, from the US to Italy to Romania. About 70 papers were presented in English and Italian. There were also 30 posters displayed throughout the meeting. The Congress themes were: the history of veterinary medicine in the Mediterranean world; and the history of veterinary medicine during World War I. All of the papers were interesting and informative, with a high quality consistent within the entire program.

At the business meeting and meeting of the Liaisons, several important items were discussed. Drs. Frostenpointner and Weissengruber (Austria), the new President and Secretary of the WAHVM, ran these meetings. Their efficiency and conviviality certainly will maintain the high standards set by their Dutch predecessors. Both officers will attend the Minneapolis meeting next summer, as will the Past-President, Dr. Koolmees (Netherlands) Business that concerns the AVMHS included: the successful nomination of Dr Robert Dunlop for the Cheiron award; the adoption of the themes and advance arrangements for the 2005 meeting in Minneapolis; and Dr. Jones' report from the AVMHS over the past year. There were no problems identified with any of these business items.

WAHVM officers and Liaisons are looking forward to the 2005 Congress in Minneapolis. At the conclusion of the program, Dr Jones made a presentation inviting the audience to the Minneapolis Congress in 2005. She estimates that about twenty European and Mexican members will attend. The official language of the Congress is English, and the call for papers will go out at the end of 2004. Dr Jones will oversee the construction of a website that will facilitate the submission of papers and registration for the Congress. There will be a book of abstracts and the WAHVM History of Veterinary Medicine bibliography CD will be available, as will several other opportunities to exchange ideas with our colleagues from around the world. The Torino Congress paved the way for a successful Congress in Minneapolis in 2005.