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1. To become aware of published and unpublished materials and artifacts pertaining to the history of veterinary medicine and health care of animals in North and South America. 

2. To promote research and study on veterinary history and related topics

3. To communicate information about veterinary history in part though publication of a journal/newsletter and through seminars/meetings.

4. To develop and distribute educational materials on the history of veterinary medicine.

5. To assess the role of veterinarians in society and to study their impact on animal and human medicine and scientific research.

Why the American Veterinary Medical Society?

The American Veterinary Medical History Society was formed by a group of interested veterinarians and friends to recall the past and relate it in an interesting fashion to their colleagues, and to collect and place in suitable archives a record of the "remembered" past from as many as possible. This group is made up of those interested in preserving books, photos, and artifacts of the past and present. Members have many diverse interests such as collecting prints, medallions, stamps, logos, diplomas, patent medici ne bottles, antique instruments, etc. As a result, there are now in the United States 13 important collections or museums covering instruments, pharmaceutical books, papers of individuals, audio tapes of interviews with outstanding veterinarians, slides, memorabilia, photographs, catalogues, diplomas, miscellaneous papers, items representing veterinary practice, research and regulatory activities