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Oral Histories in Veterinary Medicine

Recalling the Past Practice of Veterinary Medicine for the Future.

Who will help?

The AVMHS has developed an extensive Oral Histories of Veterinary Medicine Program. The AVMHS Guide to Conducting Veterinary Oral History Interviews contains all the information you will need to get started. We will work with you via email providing advice and consultation and can share many examples of questions, forms, and transcribed interviews for you to review.

Who do you interview?

You may choose any veterinarian who is a past associate, former employer, former colleague, senior veterinarian in your practice, or any older or retired practitioner who would love to share their experiences. Talk to them NOW – before it’s too late!

Who will benefit?

First of all, the veterinary profession itself will benefit as well as enriching future generations. After performing your first interview, you will have the feeling you have contributed to the recording of veterinary history. Veterinarians who have conducted transcribed interviews have been amazed with the experience.

Ownership and preservation of transcriptions

The ownership of your interview transcripts will remain with each sponsoring state veterinary association. Completed interviews are typically deposited in an archival repository for long-term preservation and access. In addition, send us information about your transcripts to be included in the online AVMHS Catalog of known veterinary oral histories for locating existing interviews with veterinarians.

Participate and enjoy this most rewarding experience and enduring accomplishment!!


Getting Started Flyer (PDF)

Oral Histories in Veterinary Medicine submission and suggestion forms (Word Doc)

Veterinary Oral Histories Guide (PDF)

For questions, advice, and further information, contact:
Dr. Fred J. Born, Chair, Oral Histories of Veterinary Medicine Committee
American Veterinary Medical History Society
Tel: 920-921-6534