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American Veterinary Medical History Society 2002 Annual Meeting

American Veterinary Medical History Society
Annual Meeting
July 16, 2002
Opryland Hotel - Nashville, Tennessee

In the absence of President Dr. Susan Jones, President Elect Dr. Sebastian Heath read her opening remarks.  They are as follows:

“Welcome to the 24th Annual Meeting of the American Veterinary Medical History Society and thank you for coming.  I would like to express my regret that a medical problem has prevented me from traveling to Nashville and I wish you all a pleasant stay in this interesting city.
As today’s agenda demonstrates, the AVMHS has some exciting events planned for the next few years.  In 2003 (next year), we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary in Denver, which will feature a daylong program, celebratory dinner, and a history of our organization written by Dr. Fred Smithcors.  For 2005, we have invited the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine to hold its annual conference here in United States.  This will be the second time that the World Association will have held a meeting in North America and our European friends are very eager to meet us, learn about our nation and our profession.  Particularly now, such connections are crucial to our relationships with people and organizations around the world.
These events and others will be very beneficial to veterinary history, our organization and each one of us.  However, they will also require a considerable amount of commitment and effort on the part of our membership.  Our committee chairs have worked hard for the past year and they provide the example for the rest of us.  Plan to get involved in the work and fun of the AVMHS.  Join a committee, volunteer for a project, or even run for office or committee chair.  As we all care about disseminating veterinary history, our individual efforts will create collective accomplishments for our field, our profession and even our nation.
Thank you and have a wonderful meeting.”

President Elect Sebastian Heath then presided over the Veterinary History Program.  The speakers and their subjects were: 
(Veterinary Arts and Society)—Dr. Ole Stalheim: 
The Career of Bob Hanson—Dr. B. C. Easterday; 
History of the AVMA Auxiliary—Kimberly Topper; 
History of the ACVPM—Dr. Thomas G. Murnane.

Immediate Past President Robert McClure, in the absence of President Dr. Susan Jones, conducted the business meeting.  The minutes of the 2001 meeting in Boston, were approved as they were presented in Volume 24, Number 2, 2001, Veterinary Heritage and on tne webpage.  Dr. Lemonds gave the treasurer’s report and a projected budget for next year.  This was prepared by Bob Brommer of Lincoln, Nebraska.  It was noted that Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence had obtained a $10,000 Grant from the McDonald Foundation for our 25th Anniversary celebration.  It was also noted that the interest from Dr. Shomer’s bequest would be considerably less this year.  After some discussion, the treasurer’s report was approved.

Dr. Robert McClure, Chairman of the nominating committee, submitted the following nominations: 
President—Dr. Sebastian Heath; {This follows serving a year as pres-elect0
President- Elect—Dr. Sidney Ewing; and 
Board Members-Dr. George Beran and Trenton Boyd. For  two year terms 2002-2004.
Drs. George Lewis and Charles Hendrix have another year to serve on the Board.  It was moved that nominations cease and that all of the above be elected.  Motion carried.  It was noted that Secretary/Treasurer Lemonds was nominated and elected for two years (2001-2003), last year.

Dr. Sidney Ewing gave a report on the J. F. Smithcors’ Student Essay Contest.  There were eleven (11) students who submitted essays this year from eight (8) schools, one of which was in Canada.  It was noted that most of the students have not received Merck Manuals, from the Merck Co.  It was suggested that Merck send the Manuals to Sec./Treas. Lemonds, who would then mail them to the students.  Merck will again help send out announcements to the schools in regards to the upcoming year for student essays.  Dr. Ewing submitted the following motion: That the Essay Contest remains as is, in terms of calendar year.  It will be announced in early fall, with a spring due date and the winners from spring of one year be invited to be present at the AVMHS meeting the following year.  This would be approximately 13 months after judging results are announced.  Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Dr. Smithcors sent a report of the Veterinary Heritage committee.  The Heritage was published this past year on its usual schedule.  Phyllis Larsen’s    “News and Notes” column has become an important feature of the journal.  David Williams, at Purdue, continues to be involved in the publication of the journal.  Plans for the coming year, includes a special 25th Anniversary Edition, in conjunction with Dr. Smithcors’ written History of the AVMHS, to be presented at the 2003 Anniversary Meeting.

Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence, 25th Anniversary Chairman, gave a report on plans for the anniversary celebration as follows:

The AVMHS 25th Anniversary program and meeting will be held in conjunction with the AVMA annual convention in Denver, next year.  The Committee has been actively soliciting and collecting ideas from the membership over the past year, to make plans for the program and related activities.  The following ideas for activities have been approved and acted upon by the committee:

1. The program will be an all-day event, including a celebratory meal.  The Committee has invited several outstanding speakers in the areas of history, of veterinary medicine and human-animal relationships.  The program will provide bridges between historians, veterinarians and social scientists.

2. The Committee has asked Dr. J. F. Smithcors, one of the AVMHS’ Charter Members, to write a brief history of our organization.  The Committee will publish this history and make it available to all members for a small charge.

3. Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence, Committee Chair, wrote an application for and received a large monetary award to help defray  the expenses of the anniversary celebration.  The $10,000 grant will help defray the expenses of the program, meal and publication of the history.  Any remainder will revert to the AVMHS treasury.

4. Drs. J. F. Smithcors and Leo Lemonds will be in charge of the booth next year.  The booth will emphasize the history of the AVHS/AVMHS.

The Committee will continue to make decisions in conjunction with the Board on the details of the anniversary celebration and communicate with the membership through the “News and Notes” Newsletter and Veterinary Heritage and the webpage.

The Endowment Committee report was given by Dr. Charles Eastin.  A discussion of $500 for a Life Membership followed.  No decision was made.

A discussion of Dr. Phyllis Larsen’s WAHVM Committee report followed.  Dr. Larsen submitted the following motions, which #1 passed, #2 passed with an Amendment being added,  the # 3 passed and the fourth motion was tabled . 

1. That a continuing Committee on WAHVM be established to work with the Secretary/Treasurer and the Board of Directors to fulfill obligations of AVMHS as an affiliate member of WAHVM and that it automatically include the AVMHS representative to the WAHVM Liaison Committee.

2. That the AVMHS representative to the WAHVM Liaison Committee be elected by the membership of AVMHS for a term of four years, except that the Board may make temporary appointments of alternates, if a Liaison cannot attend a WAHVM Congress or a meeting of the Liaison Committee.  Heath submitted the following Amendment: That the AVMHS has no financial obligation to the representative to the WAHVM Liaison Committee.  The Amendment was approved.

3. That this 2002 annual meeting ratify the January 2002 appointment of Dr. Susan D. Jones, as its representative to the WAHVM Liaison Committee for the calendar years 2002-2006 and that it verify that Philip Teigen is to serve as her substitute at the WAHVM General Assembly at Wittenberg, Germany, in August of this year.

4. That the elected AVMHS representative to the WAHVM Liaison Committee, with guidance from the annual meeting and with concurrence of the Board of Directors, submit themes to the 2002 WAHVM General Assembly for its action, so that preliminary work toward a program at a probable 2005 AVMA/ WVA history session organized by AVMHS/WAHVM can begin. 

Despite copies of various theme ideas submitted by Dr. Larsen, few  filled out and commented on the paper with the theme ideas which was made available at the booth.

Under Old Business, two items were discussed. 
Dr. McClure spoke of the need for continually updating the AVMHS Web page, of which he is in charge. 
There was some discussion of raising the dues $5 in all categories, but no action was taken.

Meeting was adjourned. 

Dr. Leo Lemonds