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American Veterinary Medical History Society 2001 Annual Meeting

American Veterinary Medical History Society
Annual Meeting
July 17, 2001
Hilton Back Bay Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

Program Session

Dr. Susan Jones, President Elect, presided over the veterinary history program. Dr. Jones in her opening remarks mentioned that Drs. Sidney Ewing and Ole Stalheim were both coming out with new books. Dr. Jones also discussed an earlier meeting of the AAHM in which AVMHS members Drs. Philip Teigen and George Lewis Jr. gave talks on Civil War veterinarians. This was at Charleston, SC. Dr. Jones also gave a report on the WAHVM meeting that she attended in Brno, Czech Republic last September. She reported that there were 93 people present from 23 countries. The meeting this year will be in Oslo. In 2002, the meeting will be in Germany. In 2003, the meeting will be in Mexico. Jones also announced that Dr. Ole Stalheim would be the delegate for the AVMHS at Oslo.

Dr. Jones introduced David Goodwin of England, who is involved with the James Herriot Museum at Thirsk, England. He discussed the Museum and handed out brochures.  Phyllis Larsen then discussed the articles and materials on Florence Kimball, one of the earliest of the female veterinarians. She noted that the material she had gathered on Kimball was formatted by the Cornell Library at Ithaca, New York. Those materials were exhibited at the AVMHS booth and at the meeting room Tuesday afternoon. Florence Kimball graduated from Cornell University in 1910.

Dr. Jones then introduced the speakers and their subjects: Same Bed, Different Dreams; Veterinary Medicine and Animal Welfare in the Late Nineteenth Century---Dr. Franklin Loew; Feline Fortunes: Contrasting Perceptions of Cats---Dr. Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence; The History of Livestock Projects in Developing Countries---Dr. Sebastian Heath; From a Perfect to 'Unnatural' cycle: the Emergence and Decline of Rendering Plants in the Netherlands, 1920-2000---Dr. Peter Koolmees.

Business Session

Dr. Robert McClure, President of the AVMHS, called the business meeting to order. The minutes of the 2000 meeting in Salt Lake City were approved as they were presented in Volume 23, Number 2, Veterinary Heritage. Dr. Lemonds, secretary/treasurer of the AVMHS, gave the treasurer's report and a projected budget for the coming year. This was prepared by Bob Brommer of Lincoln, Nebraska who does our bookkeeping.  After some discussion, the treasurer's report was approved. 

The Nominating Committee gave the following nominations by Dr. Phyllis Larsen, Chairman: President Elect, Sebastian Heath; Secretary/ Treasurer, Dr. Leo Lemonds (two year term); Board members, Drs. Charles Eastin, George Lewis Jr., Charles Hendrix. By a vote of the members, Lewis and Hendrix were chosen for the Board. The other officers were elected as presented by the nominating committee. Dr. Robert McClure and Dr. Susan Jones, automatically moved to Past President and President.

Dr. Sidney Ewing, Chairman of the J. F. Smithcors Essay Contest, was not present. Dr. Lemonds gave his report. There were 15 Essays submitted from 5 schools. Merck contributed $1,500 for the Essay Contest and checks of $750, $500 and $250 were sent to the three winners. Merck also contributed a Merck Manuel to all 15 Essay writers. All of those who wrote Essays were also given a one year subscription to the Veterinary Heritage magazine. The winners of the Essay Contest were: first place: Jill Pruett, Oklahoma State University; Second place: Michelle Quigley, Virginia Tech and University of Maryland, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine; Third place: Arden Gillespie, Oklahoma State University. Dr. Roncalli then announced that he had talked to Gary Zelko of Merck and that next year Merck will contribute $2,000 instead of $1,500. The extra $500 is to be given to the student with the winning Essay who will use that money to attend the upcoming AVMA and AVMHS meetings. If the winner is unable to attend, the board will decide which one of the other two winners might attend the meetings.

The report of the Veterinary Heritage Committee was given by Susan Jones. The Committee recommended that a letter of appreciation by Secretary Lemonds be sent to David Williams for his efforts on behalf of the Veterinary Heritage magazine. This was approved by the membership.

Dr. Eastin, Chairman of the Endowment and Finance Committee gave his report. Dr. Eastin reported on a meeting held with Dr. Art Tennyson of the AVMA staff along with several of the officers and board members. This was to discuss such matters as a Foundation, Endowment and Life membership. Since we are a non-profit corporation, it was concluded that a Foundation was not desirable. Larsen moved, seconded by Jones, that the Committee continue to work on plans for using the interest on our CD and setting up Life memberships. Eastin was to report to the Board by January 1st, 2002.

Dr. McClure reported that he had continued to work on the AVMHS Web Site and would make changes to include the new officers and board members. The Web Page address is: 

Under new business, Dr. Larsen pointed out that the year 2003 would be the 25th anniversary of the AVMHS. That the 2003 meeting will be held in Denver. Much discussion followed and a Committee was formed by President Jones. At present the following have been chosen by Dr. Jones to serve on the committee: Drs. Lawrence, Smithcors, Ryan, McClure, Hartney, Jones and Lemonds. Sentiment was in favor of an all-day meeting with a noon luncheon.

A discussion was held regarding extending an invitation to the WAHVM to have their 2004 meeting in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State University. Some discussion of possible locations followed. It was decided that a formal discussion with the WAHVM would be necessary before any formal invitation could be extended. 

A resolution was presented by Dr. Lemonds from Bob Brommer, our tax consultant.  The IRS has decided that corporations such as ours could use June 30th as the time to report to them instead of the calendar year. This will eliminate some bookwork and make it easier for our tax consultant and save the AVMHS some unnecessary bookkeeping expense. The Resolution was passed unanimously by the members present.

Dr. McClure then installed the incoming officers and board members and turned the meeting over to President Susan Jones. Dr. Susan Jones then presented a framed plaque to Dr. Phyllis Larsen in appreciation of her long time work on behalf of the AVMHS.

Meeting Adjourned.

Dr. Leo L. Lemonds, Sec/Treas

American Veterinary Medical History Society Officers


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Past President: 

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Terms Continue Through 2003

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Nominating Committee

Dr. Robert McClure, Chair 

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Dr. Charles Eastin I
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SMITHCORS' Essay Contest:

Dr. Sidney Ewing, Chair of Committee 
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History of Veterinary Medicine
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Endowment & Life Membership Committee

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Dr. Leo Lemonds 
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Dr. Susan Jones, ex-officio
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Dr. George Lewis
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Dr. Phyllis Larsen
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25th Anniversary Committee - (2003)

Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence, VMD. PhD., Chair
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Dr. Robert McClure
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Dr. William Ryan
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J.F. Smithcors 
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Cathleen Hartney
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WAHVM Committee

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Ole Stalheim, Chair 
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Dr. Robert Dunlop 
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Dr. Susan Jones
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AD-HOC Special Projects

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Dr. Phyllis Larsen, News and Comment and Collecting Information For The Website

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Dr. Charles Hendrix, Veterinary Education