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American Veterinary Medical History Society 2000 Annual Meeting

American Veterinary Medical History Society
Annual Meeting-July 25, 2000
Hilton Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Robert C. McClure, President Elect. Presided over the Veterinary History Program. Prior to introducing the speakers, Dr. McClure introduced Paul Amundsen, Executive Director of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and Dr. R.L. Collison, Chairman of the AVMF Board of Directors. Dr. Collison presented a check for $15,400.81 to the AVMHS from the estate of Dr. Robert R. and Leona Shomer, long time members of the AVMHS.

Dr. McClure then introduced the speakers and their topics:

Remembering Dr. Robert and Leona Shomer –Dr. O.H.V. Stalheim

Searching for Veterinary Museums—Dr. Harold Davis

Dr. Phillipson Veterinary Infirmary – Dr. Leo L. Lemonds

The Missouri Veterinary Museum -- Rose Johnson & Dr. Robert McClure

Discussion About Veterinary Museums – Dr. Robert Dunlop

Public Health as a Veterinary Specialty – Dr. James H. Steele

Defining Bovine Tuberculosis – Dr. Susan D. Jones

A Civil War Veterinarian – Dr. George E. Lewis, Jr.

Dr. Phyllis H. Larsen, President of the AVMHS, called the business meeting to order. The minutes of the 1999 meeting in New Orleans were approved as Secretary Dr. Leo Lemonds presented them in Veterinary Heritage, Volume 22, Number 2, November 1999. The Treasurers report by Dr. Lemonds was given as a handout to the members present. After some discussion, the Treasurer’s report was approved.

Dr. George E. Lewis Jr., Chairman of the Nominating Committee gave the following report on nominations for 2000 – 2001: President Elect, Dr. Susan D. Jones; Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Leo L. Lemonds. Board Members: Dr. George E. Lewis, Jr.; Dr. Charles Eastin I; Dr. William Meehl and Dr. Cathleen Hartney. Dr. Robert C. McClure, President Elect becomes President and Dr. Phyllis H. Larsen becomes Past President for the year 2000 – 2001.

It was moved and seconded that nominations cease and that the slate presented be elected by acclimation. Motion approved. 

Dr. Sidney A. Ewing, Chairman of the Dr. J. F. SMITHCORS Student Veterinary History Essay Contest Committee, gave their report. There were eighteen Essays submitted this year. Thirteen schools were represented with five schools submitting two Essay entrys each. Merck and Co. increased their financial assistance to $1,500 and sent Dr. Ewings announcement letter with a professional poster to all the veterinary schools. They also sent all those who submitted an Essay a copy of the Merck Veterinary Manual. It was suggested that the posters and an announcement of the Essay Contest be sent out in late September. Dr. Ewing suggested the need for ground rules for critiquing the Essays. The other members of the committee and Judges this year were Drs. J. F. Smithcors, Sebastain Heath and Raffaele Roncalli.

Dr. J. F. Smithcors discussed the Veterinary Heritage magazine. Dr. Smithcors indicated that the quality of the material submitted was better. It was moved and seconded that the AVMHS write David Williams thanking him for his part in publishing the Veterinary Heritage. 

Dr. Charles Hendrix of Auburn University gave a report on a Veterinary History teaching survey. Dr. Hendrix discussed Veterinary History teaching solutions and will continue the survey. He discussed the idea of having schools give one credit hour to students for writing a Veterinary History Essay. The Essays would be submitted to the Dr. J. F. SMITHCORS Student Veterinary History Essay Contest.

Dr. Robert Dunlop gave a report on the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine (WAHVM). He reported an offer of $2(US) per year for membership, for all the members of the AVMHS for two years. Then, After that it would be $5(US) per year. After much discussion, three members, Drs. Susan D. Jones, O.H.V. Stalheim and Sebastain Heath, each contributed $40.00 to help defray the cost to the AVMHS. It was moved and seconded that the AVMHS contribute $2 each for all of our members to become affiliated with the WAHVM.

Dr. Roncalli discussed the spring meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM). He expressed the hope that members of the AVMHS would continue to be a part of that organization.

Dr. Charles Eastin discussed the possibility of having Life Memberships in the AVMHS. Dr. Eastin suggested that Life Memberships be $500.00 and the money be put perpetuity. It was moved and seconded that this suggestion be approved. Dr. Larsen suggested that a committee be established to be in charge of Life memberships and the money from the Shomer Estate. The idea of a Foundation was suggested and will checked into by various people along with Sec-Treas. Lemonds.

A discussion followed regarding the day and time to have our Annual Meeting in the Future. It has been held in recent years on Tuesday afternoon. One suggestion was to have the business meeting and the speaker’s program divided with a noon luncheon in between. It was moved and seconded that the officers and board determine when and how the next meeting will be held.

Meeting adjourned

Respectively submitted,

Dr. Leo L. Lemonds, Sec/Treas. - AVMHS 

President - Dr. Robert C. McClure 
101 Bingham Rd., Columbia, MO. 65203-3577 OR 
PO Box 334, Ross University 
St. Kitts, West Indies 
Ph. (573) 449-4497 - MO / (869) 465-4161 ext 118 St. Kitts 

Past President - Dr. Phyliss Larsen 
1675 Ellis Hollow Rd. 
Ithaca, NY, 14850 
Ph. (607) 539-6181 

President Elect - Dr. Susan D. Jones 
2464 20th Street 
Boulder, CO 80304 
Ph. (303) 440-5924 

Secretary / Treasurer - Dr. Leo L. Lemonds 
5180 W. Highway 6 
Hastings, NE 68901-7702 
Ph. (402) 462-5218 

Board Members
Dr. Cathleen Hartney 
Bayfield Animal Hospital, PO Box 362 
Bayfield, CO 81122 
Ph. (970) 884-2001 

Dr. William Meehl 
232 Swan Pond Road 
N. Reading, MA 01864 
Ph. (978)664-6210 

Dr. George Lewis, Jr. 
2711 Lander Road 
Jefferson, MD 21755-7616 

Dr. Charles E. Eastin I 
2250 Bryan Station Pike 
Rt. 10 
Lexington, KY 40516 
Ph. (606) 299-5388 

Chairman Smithcors Essay Contest 
Dr. Sidney A. Ewing 
College of Veterinary Medicine 
Oklahoma State University 
Stillwater, OK 74078 

Editor of Veterinary Heritage 
Dr. J. F. Smithcors 
735 Calabria Dr. 
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 
Ph. (805) 682-1763 

Managing Editor of Veterinary Heritage 
Prof. David J. Williams 
Purdue University, G226 Lynn Hall 
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1245 
Ph: (765) 494-1156, Fax: (765) 494-6197