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American Veterinary Medical History Society 1999 Annual Meeting

American Veterinary Medical History Society
Annual Meeting - July 13, 1999
Rosella Room - Sheraton Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Phyllis Larsen, President Elect, presided over the Veterinary History Program. 

Dr. Larsen presented a chart showing the distribution of AVHS members in the United States and elsewhere. She also showed a chart showing the average age of AVHS members.

Prior to introducing the speakers, Dr. Larsen gave a report on the teaching of veterinary history in the Colleges. Dr. Larsen had been appointed at the 1998 meeting in Baltimore, to look into the matter. She reported that Dr. John B. Mulder, when President of the AVHS in 1990, had conducted a survey on this subject. The results of Dr. Mulder's survey is in the Veterinary Heritage, Volume 13, 1990. Dr. Mulder's conclusion to his survey in 1990 was: "It appears worthwhile to continue exploration into methods for introducing additional training in veterinary history into the veterinary curricula."

Dr. Larsen then introduced the speakers for the Veterinary History Program. The speakers and their subjects: Dr. Ernest D. Besch - Magic, Myth and Veterinary Medicine in South Louisiana; Diana A. Fagen - From specimens in Jars to Searches On-line: Some History of the AVMA Library; Dr. Sidney a. Ewing - An Historical Note on Bureau of Animal Industry Standards for Veterinary Colleges; Dr. Robert c. McClure - Beginnings of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri; Dr. George E. Lewis, Jr. - 1861-1865, Our Nation Cried Out for Qualified Veterinarians; Did we Answer the Call?; Dr. Robert J. Leonpacker - The 1919 Anthrax Outbreak in Louisiana as Described in the Journal of Dr. Louis Leonpacker.

Dr. Eugene W. Adams, President of the AVHS, called the business meeting to order.

The minutes of the 1998 meeting in Baltimore were approved as they were presented in Volume 21, Number 2, 1998, of the Veterinary heritage by Secretary , Dr. Leo Lemonds.

The Treasurer's report by Dr. Lemonds was given as a handout to the members and after some discussion was approved.

The final item of the AVHS was a report from the Executive Committee on steps taken in response to IRS actions. Because of failure to keep up with fees and reports to the IRS regarding our non-profit corporation status - the name of our Society was changed to the American Veterinary Medical History Society. This name was approved by the majority of the current officers and board. Motion was made by Dr. Robert McClure, seconded by Dr. Sidney Ewing, that the AVHS be dissolved and that our Society be called the America Veterinary Medical History Society as a tax-exempt organization and that the AVHS funds be transferred to the AVMHS. All members of the AVHS will automatically become members of the AVMHS. Also that all Officers, Directors and Committees of the AVHS will become the current Officers, Directors and Committees of the AVMHS with the same expiration of their offices as previously specified under the AVHS Bylaws. Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned.

American Veterinary Medical History Society
Annual Meeting - July 13, 1999

Dr. Eugene Adams called the first meeting of the American Veterinary Medical History Society to order.

The nominating committee gave its report and the following Officers and Board members were elected:

Past Pres. -- Dr. Eugene Adams
President -- Dr. Phyllis Larsen
Pres. Elect -- Dr. Robert McClure
Sec/Treas -- Dr. Leo Lemonds
Board Members
Dr. George Lewis Jr. -- 2 years
Dr. Charles Eastin I -- 2 years
Dr. Susan Jones -- 1 year

Dr. Raffaele Roncalli -- 1 year (replaces McClure)

Motion was made by McClure, seconded by Ewing, that the name of American Veterinary Medical History Society be officially approved. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Larsen, seconded by McClure that the actions taken by sec/treas Lemonds in getting the AVMHS changed from AVHS be approved and commended. It would also include commendation to Robert Brommer of Lincoln, Nebraska, for his efforts in making the name change. Motion carried.

A discussion of Bylaws for the newly incorporated American Veterinary Medical History Society followed. A draft, showing differences from the old AVHS Bylaws, was considered, and the new Bylaws were adopted as proposed.

A report on the J. F. Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest was given by Chairman Dr. Sidney Ewing. There were thirteen essays this year, the most of any year yet. Ewing expressed disappointment that there were not more essays. Larsen and Lemonds then gave a report on a meeting with Gary Zelko of Merck. Zelko made the following suggestions and offers: Merck will increase the financial assistance from $1,000 to $1,500 this coming year. Zelko offered to make a poster to send to all the veterinary schools along with Dr. Ewing's announcement of the Essay Contest. They would send the posters and the announcements to the schools. Zelko also offered to send each student who submitted an acceptable Essay a Merck Manual. That information would be on the bottom of the poster with a picture of the Merck Manual. Zelko also requested that Dr. Roncalli be one of the judges. He also requested that he would deal with only on person - Dr. Lemonds. It was moved by Larsen, seconded by McClure that we accept Merck's offer of assistance and conditions in helping with the Essay Contest. Motion carried.

Ewing reported that this year two students wanted to write more than one Essay. Also the question came up in regard to preveterinary students and graduate students being eligible to enter the Essay Contest. After much discussion, it was moved by Eastin, seconded by McClure, that the contest be limited to veterinary students only. Also that students could submit more than one Essay but would be eligible to receive only one award. Motion carried.

A discussion of Dr. Phyllis Larsen's report on the teaching of veterinary history in the schools followed. Motion was made by Larsen, seconded by McClure that the AVMHS pursue the subject further. Motion carried.

A discussion of manning the booth followed. As in past years, more help was needed. It was suggest that next years President Larsen, ask members to volunteer before next years meeting.

A request from Dr. Ole Stalheim for the AVMHS to become members of the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine, was discussed. McClure moved, seconded by Meehl, that a committee be set up to study the matter and give a report at next years meeting. Motion carried.

A discussion of increasing the dues of the AVMHS followed. Bob Brommer, who is now doing our bookwork and took care of our reincorporating, had strongly suggested that the dues be raised. It was moved by McClure, seconded by Eastin that the dues be raised $5 for each category. That would be as follows: $25 for individual members; $30 for couples; $15 for students; $20 for a Library subscription. Motion carried.

Secretary Lemonds discussed a letter and check he had received from member Dr. Nathan Brewer. Brewer sent a check for $100 and suggested since he was 95 years old, that he be considered a Life Member. Moved by Larsen, seconded by Eastin, that Dr. Nathan Brewer be considered a Life Member. Motion carried.

Dr. McClure displayed a couple of pages of information that he had worked up to be put on the Web Site on Internet. Larsen moved, seconded by Meehl that approval be given to Dr. McClure to put the AVMHS on the Web Site and that Dr. McClure be the Webmaster. Motion carried.

Eastin moved, seconded by Meehl, that the AVHS logo be changed to AVMHS. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.